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  • Vacuum Process Sand Cooling Cylinder

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    Vacuum Process Sand Cooling Cylinder

    In many cases, we can choose cooling cylinder to cool the high-heated sand. Cooling cylinder is double-deck, the temperature of the heated sand is lowed by cool water in the internal layer. It has the advantage of wide application and low energy consumption.Read More

  • Sand Cooler for V Process fluidized Bed

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    Sand Cooler for V Process fluidized Bed

    Sand cooling equipment is the best sand temperature conditioning device in the dry sand cooling field. It adopts high pressure positive blower as the power. The dry sand will be floating under the blowing, then exchange the heat with the cool water in the pipes. The...Read More

  • Lost foam sandbox rollover machine

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    Lost foam sandbox rollover machine

    The turnover machine is used to separate the sand box from the castings and sands after pouring. This equipment is featured in stable performance, labor intensity decrease greatly, high efficiency. The common models are button type hydraulic turnover machine,top type...Read More

  • Shaking Type Bag Dust Removal Machine

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    Shaking Type Bag Dust Removal Machine

    The usage and maintenance of small size mechanical shaking type bag dust-removal machine is easy. It can be settled and used directly. Also can work at fixed time It adopts high quality, ensure a best filtering effect. The model is divided into ZC20, ZC30, ZC40, ZC60, ZC80,...Read More

  • Low Price Filter Cartridge Type Dust Collector

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    Low Price Filter Cartridge Type Dust Collector

    We imported American technology to produce sideways installed cartridge filter dust collector and endways installed cartridge filter dust collectors, it has unit assembly structure, imported high tensile film, stamping inspection cover, chrome plate handle. Super filtering...Read More

  • Impulse Blow-back Dust Remover Machine

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    Impulse Blow-back Dust Remover Machine

    We adopts Germanic technology, sideways inserted pulse dust collector, endways installed round bag type pulse dust collector, various special performance high tensile quality filter material (thermostability / anti-static / water-proof / oil-proof) to meet your various demand.Read More

  • Counterweight Molding Line

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    Counterweight Molding Line

    V process produce counterweightRead More

  • V Process Casting Counterweight

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    V Process Casting Counterweight

    Technical regulations of V process castingRead More

  • Lost Foam Casting

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    Lost Foam Casting

    The lost foam casting (also called full mold casting) is made of foam plastic (EPS, STMMA or EPMMA) made into a solid mold with the same structure and size as the parts to be produced. After being coated with refractory (strengthening, light cleaning, air permeability) and...Read More

  • The EPC Molding Line

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    The EPC Molding Line

    Lost Foam Casting (EPC) is a solid mold casting with non bonding agent dry sand combined with vacuum pumping technology. The main domestic names are "dry sand mold casting" and "negative pressure die casting", or EPC casting.Read More

  • No-bake Resin Sand Production Line

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    No-bake Resin Sand Production Line

    The process flow of the resin sand production line: the sand box and castings after casting are suspended from the driving to the inertial vibration sanding machine. The casting is transported to the shovel workshop, and the sand box is transported to the sand box storehouse....Read More

  • Vacuum Process Molding

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    Vacuum Process Molding

    Vacuum process is used for producing medium size, simple and precise castings. It can be used in cast iron, cast steel and non-ferrous alloy.Read More

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