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Attention of EPC production of EPC Equipment

Qingdao Shengmei Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2017

No matter which industry to produce products to ensure the quality of products, this will have some attention, in the EPC foundry equipment in the process of production, a little attention will produce a large defect of the EPC, in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon, production must pay attention to the following matters.
1, choose the carbon content less material to make the vanishing die, which is to ensure the quality of the best way to die, so the choice of raw materials, should choose the best
2, with good materials, but also should have good equipment to these materials processing, so the best manufacturers use those more good vanishing mold equipment to produce the EPC
3, in the whole process of production should be careful to avoid direct contact between molten steel and sand, in order to effectively guarantee its quality.
4, in the process of pouring in the EPC, we should pay attention to keep the vacuum in the sand box, so that we can avoid the air impurities in the production of EPC, and affect the performance of it.
5, in the vanishing mold at the burner wedlock place should add a baffle, so that the lost mold manufacturing process back to spray molten steel blocked, to avoid these molten steel endanger staff safety
6, pouring in the time should also pay attention to, to maximize the speed of the pouring and the model of gasification has been, so that not to avoid pouring, the whole model has cooled, it is easy to cause collapse box accidents.

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