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Casting process filling type of EPC equipment

Qingdao Shengmei Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2017

The process of the use of EPC equipment is a charging type, how does this process proceed?

The foundry technology of EPC equipment is made into bubble model, coated with special coatings, let it dry, put in a special sand box, fill in the dry sand, three-dimensional vibration compaction, vacuum state casting, model gasification disappear, metal replacement model, copied and bubble model of the same castings, to be condensed, the casting, the next cycle. EPC Process fully gathers the merits of the real and V-method casting process, so that it is used in steel, iron, aluminum and other materials, different structure of large, medium and small various castings, using dry sand solid type, copying prototype is.

The precision of the casting geometry is high, no flying edges, burrs, cold compartments, very uniform, smooth surface. Casting internal structure stability, eliminate sand holes, air, shrinkage and other casting defects, EPC process using the concept of environmental protection, less investment, the entire production process pollution-free. Compared with the traditional foundry technology, EPC Technology has the incomparable superiority, praised as "the foundry Technology of 21st Century" and "the Green Revolution of foundry industry".

In the process of filling the EPC process, the foam model has a strong thermal radiation effect, cracking, liquefaction, gasification. This process produces a large number of small molecule gases, some liquid foam and a small amount of ash powder, with the advance of the liquid metal cutting edge, metal liquid layer replacement of foam mold occupies space. The filling speed of EPC is influenced by positive pressure and negative pressure, and the negative pressure is introduced to a large extent to improve the filling capacity and filling speed of metal liquid. Therefore, the lost mold casting to use a larger water cup, the use of faster pouring speed, if the pouring process in the water cup can not be filled, the air will be with the metal liquid into, light will lead to blowhole slag, serious will cause collapse box.

Coating is an indispensable ingredient in EPC casting, the main function of coatings is to improve the strength and stiffness of the model, prevent the destruction of deformation; eliminate the model gasification products and ensure the quality of the castings. The main refractory aggregate in EPC coatings is zircon powder, bauxite, brown corundum powder, quartz powder, talc powder, mullite powders, mica powder, etc.

Its particle size gradation should take into account the prevention of sticky sand and high temperature permeability, the grain shape is conducive to improve the permeability, select a certain number of spherical particles, the model after gasification gas overflow or the model incomplete decomposition of liquefaction products.

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