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Characteristics of V process molding

Qingdao Shengmei Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Characteristics of V process molding

Compared with the traditional sand casting process, the advantages of the V method are as follows.

(1) improve the internal quality of castings. The surface of the casting is smooth and clear, and the size is accurate.

(2) Simplifying equipment, saving investment, reducing maintenance costs, and eliminating binders, additives and sand mixing equipment;

(3) mould and sand box have long service life and easy to start.

(4) High utilization ratio of metal, good fluidity of molten metal, strong filling capacity, high hardness of sand mold, slow cooling is conducive to feeding, reducing riser size and machining margin;

(5) It is beneficial to environmental protection, moulding sand can be used repeatedly, and the utilization rate is high. There is no pollution caused by waste sand to the environment. Due to the use of non-binder dry sand, the binder, additives or drying process of molding sand in other casting processes are omitted, the environmental pollution is reduced, and the same as the lost foam casting process, the molding sand is poured under negative pressure.

The V method has certain application scope. Compared with other casting processes, there are the following deficiencies.

(1) the molding operation is more complicated, and the production cost of small castings is high and the output is not up.

(2) It is always necessary to keep negative pressure from molding to pouring and cooling, which is difficult for mechanized production.

(3) Due to the limitation of the elongation and formability of plastic film, the V method is adopted in the mold forming, but other sand cores are needed in the inner cavity to make complex castings, which affects the development of the process and enlarges the application scope.

(4) the dust removal and cooling of sand must be considered.

(5) castings sometimes cause defects on the upper surface.

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