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Cleaning procedures for EPC

Qingdao Shengmei Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 07, 2017

1.General requirements:

1.1 Casting all inside and outside the adhesion of the type and sand should be clean, pouring riser, flash, burr to be handled clean.

1.2 When knocking the riser, you should choose the right direction and strength to prevent damage to the castings with meat.

2.First time surface cleaning

2.1 All steel balls to meet the requirements of the process documents, adding the amount to meet the equipment requirements.

2.2 Castings filled with shot blasting chambers should meet the requirements of the process.

2.3 Shot time to strictly enforce the provisions of the process documents.

3.Surface grinding:

3.1  Casting non-processing surface of the pouring mouth should be more than the scavenging shovel, and grinding with a grinder, pouring the remaining mark of the allowable tolerance of ± 0.5 mm, for the processing surface highlights the height of not more than 2 mm.

3.2 Casting non-processed surface of the sticky sand and rough uneven, can be manual or mechanical method of grinding smooth, and to meet customer technical specifications.

3.3 The residual coating in the castings is cleaned with a steel wire brush.

3.4  Casting seam should be polished flat.

3.5 Repair and repair parts to be amended to the body smooth.

4.Second time surface cleaning

4.1 According to different types of products, the use of shot blasting room cleaning and drum blasting.

4.2 The specifications of the projectile and the number of loading shall meet the technical requirements of the equipment.

4.3 Strictly comply with the technical requirements of the casting load and cleaning time.

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