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Cleaning step after oil string in EPC equipment

Qingdao Shengmei Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2017

What is the cleaning step after the oil string of EPC equipment?

1, before washing, will wash the oil plus heat to 50 ℃, then open the valve, close the bypass valve, starting oil station string oil.

2, cleaning process, the start of the hourly check and cleaning a magnetic filter and double filter filters, 4 hours after every two hours check, string oil 12 hours and confirm that no debris, stop flushing, remove the lost foam casting equipment into the oil mouth placed in the copper filter and clean after the place, tighten the bolt, continue to carry out string oil cleaning until the installed copper filter to confirm that there is no debris, this work can be concluded.

3, after the end of oil washing, remove the lost foam casting equipment into the oil flange placed in the copper filter, drain the oil tank cleaning, thoroughly cleared the tank sludge, when necessary, use the ash dough to paste the box into the prescribed lubricating oil, the whole process of oil in the pipeline is carefully inspected for leakage, especially the flange joints, and through the box observation holes, see the lubrication points are not oil lubrication.

EPC equipment must be in main motor, slow drive device, dilute oil lubrication device, etc. according to the stipulation, all kinds of electrical control, interlock system is accurate in the case of commissioning!

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