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Error cognition of EPC equipment

Qingdao Shengmei Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2017

In the direction of public opinion, the simple EPC equipment to see too simple: Any revolution is the forerunner of public opinion, no ten years to the spread of the EPC technology and promotion, it is impossible to have China lost foam casting today, this is the importance of public opinion orientation. But for 10 years, especially since "Fifteen", the public opinion orientation has not estimated the problems that may arise in the EPC production, and the commercial purpose of promotional propaganda is too exaggerated to simplify the lost foam casting side, to people's impression is: EPC Casting equipment Simple, simple process, environmental protection, simple operation, simple sand treatment, making money to more simple, simple to make people echocardiography.

In a sense, simplicity is advanced. EPC equipment in investment, environmental protection management, old sand reuse, job operation, and so on, indeed has the advantages of simplification. But the process design of complex castings, appearance quality, coating performance, pouring process related technical parameters strictly control, as well as the casting of ash, carbon, and the elimination of the defect of the hole is not a simple sand casting, and these are precisely lost foam casting the merits or success of the key. "15" during the new EPC Foundry, more than 80%% is small and medium-sized private foundry factory, a considerable part is simple to deal with crude, investment less than 200,000 yuan occupies a considerable proportion. Many manufacturers have not inspected the production status quo, no system has learned to disappear mold professional knowledge, but also not participated in the vanishing mold technology training is eager to mount, the results of a considerable part of the start not shun, repeated trial and defeat, some spent two or three years have failed to pass, causing the enterprise vitality big injury.

Compared with the traditional sand mould casting, the EPC equipment has the following characteristics:
(1) A foam model that is fully consistent with the casting shape and only the size of the metal shrinkage is retained in the mould, forming a "real" mold, rather than a traditional sand-type "cavity" cast (ie "empty").
(2) The sand type is no binder, no moisture, no additional dry quartz sand.
(3) When pouring, the foam model is decomposed under the action of high temperature liquid metal, producing metal-model substitution process, not as the traditional "empty" casting is a liquid metal filling process. Make a casting, and "disappear" out of a foam models.
(4) The foam model can be divided into a block forming and bonding. The model shape (i.e. the casting shape) is basically unrestricted.

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