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How to solve the casting defects of V process

Qingdao Shengmei Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 25, 2018

First of all, we must design a reasonable V casting process, while ensuring that turbulence and eddy currents are generated under the metal flow. On the other hand, a certain pouring speed is ensured to ensure that the runner is always filled with molten metal.

Second, control the smelting process and reduce the gas in the molten metal.

Thirdly, reduce the thickness of EVA film as much as possible, and strictly control V core technology to prevent invasion of pores.

Finally, the main points are summarized as follows: prevention of casting porosity and selection of V coating.

(1) on the one hand, the coating should have good adhesion, so that the coating layer can be firmly adhered to the EVA film, on the other hand, on the premise of guaranteeing the fine coating indicators, the maximum reduction of the coating gas volume. After many tests, we controlled the gas volume of V special paint at 10mL/g (100 + 5 C).

V casting is an alcohol based fast drying coating, which is a solvent for ethanol. At the same time, we add resin in the coating to improve the strength and adhesion of the coating. And ethanol, resin and other additives are hydrocarbons, combustible and easy to produce gas. Therefore, (1) in order to reduce the production of gas, we must control the coating solvent and the quality of the additives. The amount of ethanol and resin, the moisture content and impurities in it must be strictly controlled, the purity of ethanol should be above 0.95, and the addition of ethanol should generally keep the paint's degree of beauty in 75Be.

(2) under the premise of guaranteeing the quality of the casting, the use of the coating is reduced as much as possible. The thickness of the coating should be controlled in the 1.5mm, the heat node. In order to prevent the sanding, the thickness of the 2mm can be brushed.

(3) the coating must be dried. If the coating is not dry enough, it is necessary to adopt hot air drying. The V special coating produced by our company has good quick drying property and can be dry naturally at normal temperature. At the same time, the coating of our company has good coating, adhesion and suspension. The coating does not flow in the process of spraying. The coating is not accumulated, the coating is thick and uniform, but the drying degree of the coating layer is consistent, pouring is the same. Pouring is the same as the coating layer. Pouring is the same, pouring the coating layer is the same drying degree, pouring. It can form a dense peeling layer, effectively prevent stoma, and make the casting surface clean and smooth.

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