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Key points in casting pouring of EPC equipment

Qingdao Shengmei Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2017

The casting process is always used in the EPC casting equipment, which is something that needs to be noticed during the pouring process?
Because of the casting has a wide variety of varieties, different shapes, each variety will have specific production processes and characteristics, there are certain differences. These will affect the accuracy of the design results of the gating system. However, the EPC process includes the design of gating system, pouring temperature control, pouring operation control and negative pressure control. The pouring system has a very important position in the EPC process and is a key to the success of castings.
In the gating system design, to fully take into account the particularity of this process, because of the existence of model clusters, so that the metal liquid poured into the sand mold casting is very different, so the design of the gating system must be different from the sand casting. When designing the section sizes of the pouring system, it is necessary to consider the resistance caused by the existence of the model in EPC casting when the molten metal liquid is pouring, and the minimum flow area should be slightly larger than the sand casting.
EPC Casting the most taboo is intermittent pouring, it is easy to cause the casting to produce cold insulation defects, the first poured into the metal liquid temperature decreased, resulting in and after pouring metal liquid between the cold. Also, a closed gating system is usually used in the EPC casting system to preserve the smoothness of the pouring. In this respect, the pouring water Cup is closely related to the casting operation. When pouring, the liquid surface of the pouring cup should be kept stable, so the pouring dynamic pressure head is stable.

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