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Low pressure Lost Foam casting technology

Qingdao Shengmei Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Low pressure Lost Foam casting technology

Vacuum low pressure EPC is a new casting technology which combines negative pressure EPC with low pressure counter gravity casting. The characteristics of vacuum low pressure lost foam casting technology are as follows: combining the technical advantages of low pressure casting and vacuum lost foam casting, the filling process is completed under controllable air pressure, which greatly improves the casting filling capacity of the alloy; compared with die casting, the equipment investment is small, the casting cost is low, the casting can be strengthened by heat treatment; and compared with sand casting. In contrast, the casting has high precision, low surface roughness, high productivity and good performance; under the action of counter-gravity, the direct gate becomes the channel of filling and shortening, the loss of pouring temperature is small, the liquid alloy is fed and solidified under controllable pressure, the pouring system of the alloy casting is simple and effective, the yield is high, and the microstructure is compact. Lost foam casting has low pouring temperature and is suitable for various non-ferrous alloys.

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