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Formation and prevention of sand inclusion defects

Qingdao Shengmei Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 04, 2017

Measures to prevent sand inclusion defects in Lost foam process:

(1)Ensure that the coating is continuous, uniform and complete. According to the actual situation of EPC material, process and negative pressure casting, the coating thickness of the small castings is generally controlled at 1 ~ 2mm.Because of the long time and high momentum of the molten iron, the pouring coating is thicker than the casting coating, and it can be thickened during the actual operation. Control the entire coating without cracking, no damage, no white leakage.

(2)Improve the bonding quality of pattern:White mold and sprue bonding should be tight, no openings and gaps, to prevent penetration of paint in the seam.The white mold and the sprue connection should be smooth and smooth, avoid the sprue and the shape of the bonding parts exist sharp angle, cause the casting sand.

(3)Improve coating strength:The proper coating strength is beneficial to resist the erosion of molten iron. In the coating proportion, the refractory binder and the organic binder are reasonably matched, so that the coating has good comprehensive strength and high resistance to high temperature erosion.Bentonite, silica sol, sodium silicate and other inorganic binder are beneficial to maintain the high temperature strength of coating.

(4)Use special gate cups and sealing mud:Dry sand molding requires a plastic film to seal the top of the sand box, and the top of the foam sprue is underneath the plastic film.It needs to be placed or erected as a runner cup, is the erection of the pouring cup taphole must make straight cylindrical falling iron,Erection should be centered with the foam sprue Center:For placing the gate cup, the following should be closely combined with the refractory mortar and plastic film. In the two case, the pouring cup should be controlled, the outlet is smaller than the sprue, and the high temperature metal liquid will be dispersed to dry sand into the casting.

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