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What are the most suitable products for EPC process?

Qingdao Shengmei Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2018

The EPC is a model cluster of paraffin or foam model which is similar to the size and shape of the castings. After the coating is painted and dried, it is buried in the dry quartz sand. It is poured under the negative pressure to make the model gasified, the liquid metal occupies the position of the model, and the new casting method is formed after the solidification and cooling.

1, motor shell structure: single, mature technology, large volume, high yield.

2. The cylinder body: the lower core of the traditional cast cylinder is large, the wall thickness is uneven and the cost is high, and the lost die can solve these problems perfectly, and the structure of the cylinder is single and the process is easy to control. The volume of cylinder block is generally large, and the cost advantage of EPC is obvious.

Note: the casing with water jacket needs to be coated with sand core.

3, gearbox: such products include the bridge shell, the reducer shell, the gearbox and so on. The lost mold casting solves the trouble of the former core, and the wall thickness is easy to control, the drawing of the mold is small, the weight is lightened, and the appearance is beautiful. It is necessary to pay attention to the problem of deformation.

4, high chromium cast iron - wear-resistant parts: including slag slurry pump impeller, lining, conical mill, tooth tip and other products, such castings are generally simple structure, can ignore carbon defects, high rate of finished products, low cost.

Note: some large products are not suitable.

5, valve body: gate valve, butterfly valve, check valve and other valve body, lost foam casting is easy to handle, without considering core, uniform wall thickness.

Shortcomings: need to pay attention to the problem of leakage.

6. Pipe fittings: flange, socket, elbow, three pass and so on. It will be very convenient to use lost foam casting.

Shortcomings: pay attention to the problem of deformation.

7, pump shell type: slurry pump, pipeline pump, double suction pump and other products, using lost foam casting to solve the core, uneven wall thickness, large slope and other issues.

Shortcomings: pay attention to the leakage problem.

8, agricultural machinery products: high efficiency and low cost. In addition, the surface quality requirements of agricultural machinery products are getting higher and higher, and EPC has obvious advantages.

9, machine tool parts: for this particular large castings, after lost foam casting, the trouble of turning over the box is eliminated, the cost is obviously reduced, and the efficiency is obviously improved.

Disadvantages: mold input is relatively large, usually manual cutting of white mold, surface finish and rounded corners are not very good.

10, metallurgical machinery: such products have grate strip, anode steel claw, wear-resistant ball, and so on.

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