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What is the blowhole of EPC casting equipment?

Qingdao Shengmei Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2017

In the solidification process, the bubble in the metal is formed in the casting of EPC equipment, which is called blowhole. It breaks into the pores, the pores of the wrap, the precipitation stomata, the endogenous reaction stomata, the exogenous reaction pores, the formation mechanism of the pores is very complex, and the solidification form of the alloy has a great relationship.

During the filling process of EPC casting equipment, foam model is cracking, liquefaction and gasification under strong thermal radiation. The process produces a large amount of small molecule gases and some liquid bubbles and a small amount of ash, with the advance of the liquid metal frontier, the metal liquid is replaced by layer of foam mold space. The filling velocity of EPC is influenced by both positive pressure and negative pressure, and the introduction of negative pressure greatly improves the filling capacity and filling speed of metal liquid. Therefore, the lost mold casting to use more large pouring cups and faster pouring speed, if pouring water cup is not filled, the air with the molten metal into the liquid, light pores slag clamping, heavy collapse box burst.

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