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Foam Molding Machine

Foam Molding Machine

What is the Lost foam casting Process: First, a pattern is made from polystyrene foam, which can be done by many different ways. For small volume runs the pattern can be hand cut or machined from a solid block of foam; if the geometry is simple enough it can even be cut using a hot-wire foam...

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The lost foam casting (also called real casting) is a model cluster of paraffin or foam model which is similar to the size and shape of the castings. After coating the refractory coating and drying it, it is buried in the dry quartz sand. It is poured under the negative pressure to make the model gasified, the liquid metal occupies the model position, and the casting is formed after the solidification and cooling. Type casting method.


High precision of castings

The EPC is a new process of near free and accurate molding. The process does not need to take the mould, the surface of the mold and the core without the sand, so the casting has no flirt, burr and the inclination of the die, and the size error caused by the combination of the core is reduced. The surface roughness of the castings can reach Ra3.2 to 12.5 u m; the precision of the castings can reach CT7 to 9; the machining allowance is 1.5 to 2mm, which can greatly reduce the cost of machining. Compared with the traditional sand casting method, the machining time can be reduced by 40% to 50%.

Flexible design

It provides a full degree of freedom for the structural design of castings. Highly complex castings can be produced through the combination of foam plastic blocks.

Sand core in non traditional casting

Therefore, there will not be uneven wall thickness in the traditional sand casting because of the size of the sand core is not accurate or the position of the core is not accurate.

cleaner production

There is no chemical binder in molding sand. The foam plastics are environmentally friendly at low temperature, and the recovery rate of used sand is more than 95%.

Reducing investment and production costs

The weight of the casting blank is reduced and the allowance for machining is small.

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