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Lost Foam Molding Machine

  • EPC molding Equipment

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    EPC molding Equipment

    This process eliminates the need for sand binders and cores. The sand is unbonded and a foam pattern is used to form the shape of the casting. The foam pattern is “invested” into the sand at the Fill & Compact process station allowing the sand into all voids and supporting...Read More

  • Lost Foam EPS Pattern Coating Drying Room

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    Lost Foam EPS Pattern Coating Drying Room

    Drying room is designed in three ways: drying kiln, electrical heating,heat collection and steam heating and so on. The design is based on customer's site and required design. At present, electrical heating and heat collection are presently called ‘golden combination’,...Read More

  • Three-dimensional Vibration Table

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    Three-dimensional Vibration Table

    Purpose: It is used for molding compacting in for resin sand, water glass sand in core making, iron pills shell, V-process and EPC. Features: Compact structure, convenient operation, widely use. Excitation device uses air spring or rubber vibration support. With smooth...Read More

  • Lost Foam Electric Steam Pre-foaming Machine

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    Lost Foam Electric Steam Pre-foaming Machine

    The pre-foaming machine is one of the most important equipment of the lost foam casting white area. At present, there are two types of the machines: electric pre-foaming machine and steam pre-foaming machine. They are intermittent. The control system adopts the most advanced...Read More

  • Fluidized Sand Cooling Equipment

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    Fluidized Sand Cooling Equipment

    This sand cooling equipment is used to cool the sand so that used sand temperature will be getting down. It has water pipes on the upper part and at the bottom part, this sand temperature regulator has several fans. It is also easy to maintain this sand cooler if it has...Read More

  • Foundry Sand Conveyor Machine

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    Foundry Sand Conveyor Machine

    The casting sand conveying equipment is the necessary equipment in lost foam sand processing process. It is mainly used for conveying casting sand by air conveying system and belt conveyor. Its belt width and length is according to the sand processing capacity and sand bin...Read More

  • Shower Type Sand Feeder&sand Adding Machine

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    Shower Type Sand Feeder&sand Adding Machine

    It is under the sand bin and has the function of sand falling. Sand from sand bin will fall down through this shower type sand falling machine and fall into the flask. Sand falling down from shower type sand feeder is like raining so it is called raining type sand feeding...Read More

  • Vibrating Sand Conveyor Machine&screening Machine

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    Vibrating Sand Conveyor Machine&screening Machine

    The casting sand screening equipment serves to screen out the impurities like sintered coating fragments and shot metals. The main equipment includes powder screening assembly and screening conveyor. It is mainly used for screening small particles and powder screening. It can...Read More

  • Lost Foam Molding Vibration Table

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    Lost Foam Molding Vibration Table

    The vibrating table is one of the important equipment in lost foam casting. It is mainly used for molding working position. According to different production line designs. It is divided into fixed vibrating table, movable vibrating table and suspension shocking molding...Read More

  • Foundry Equipment LFC Sand box

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    Foundry Equipment LFC Sand box

    This is an important parts in lost foam. We use these flasks to make sand mold so that we can pouring and then get our castings. This type of sandbox is different from vacuum process casting production line sandbox.Read More

  • Lost Foam Molding Equipment

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    Lost Foam Molding Equipment

    The molding machine mainly makes EPS beads after pre-foaming and aging put to fill the pattern, and finally made into the required foam plastic patTern through steam heating, compression, molding, decompression, water cooling and sizing, demoulding and drying. At present,...Read More

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