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Brief Discussion On Several Main Points Of EPC Equipment
Qingdao Shengmei Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2017

EPC Casting Equipment has a few major points is the need to know, small series below for a brief introduction.

1. pre-foaming. Model production is the first process of EPC process, complex castings, such as cylinder cap, need several foam models to be made separately, then glue to synthesize a whole model. Each block model requires a set of tooling for production, in addition to the gluing operation may also need a set of fixtures, used to maintain the precise positioning of the blocks, the molding process of the model is divided into two steps, the first step is to advance polystyrene beads to the appropriate density, generally through the steam rapid heating, this stage is called the pre foaming.

2. Model molding. The foaming beads are stabilized before they are sent to the hopper of the molding machine. Feeding through the hole, mold cavity filled with pre-fat beads, the beginning of the steam into the beads, so that the softening, swelling, crowded with all voids and bonded into one, so that the completion of the foam model manufacturing process, this stage is called steaming molding.

After molding, in the water-cooled cavity of the mould through the large flow of water to cooling the model, and then open the mold out of the model, at this time the model temperature increases and the intensity is low, so the demoulding and storage must be careful to prevent deformation and damage.

3. model cluster combination model before use, must store the appropriate time to mature stability, the typical model storage cycle up to 30 days, but for the design of a unique mold molding model only to be stored 2 hours, the model aging stability, the block model can be adhesive bonding.

The gluing of the block model is carried out on the automatic gluing machine using hot melt adhesive. Gluing surfaces should be firmly sealed to reduce the likelihood of casting defects 4) model clusters leaching. More castings can be produced for each box pouring, and sometimes many models are bonded into clusters, and the model clusters are immersed in refractory coatings. Then in about 30~60C (86-140F) of the air circulating oven drying 2-3-4 hours, after drying, the model cluster into the sand box, fill in the dry sand vibration compaction, must make all the model cluster internal cavity and the peripheral dry sand are compacted and supported.

5. pouring. Model Clusters in the sand box through the dry sand vibrating filling solid, the mold can be poured, molten metal poured into the mold (casting temperature cast aluminum around 760C/1400F, cast iron about 1425C/2600F), the model gasification by metal replaced by the formation of castings.

In EPC process, casting speed is more critical than traditional air-type casting. If the pouring process is interrupted, the sand type may collapse to cause the scrap. Therefore, to reduce the difference of each pouring, it is advisable to use the automatic pouring machine.

6. sand removal. After pouring, the castings solidified and cooled in the sand box, and then dropped the sand. Casting sand is fairly simple, pour casting box castings from loose dry sand drop. The castings are then automatically separated, cleaned, inspected and transported in the castings.

Dry sand cooling can be reused, rarely use other additional procedures, metal scrap can be used in production remelting.

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