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Explaining The Technological Superiority Of EPC Equipment
Qingdao Shengmei Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2017

EPC Foundry Equipment produced by many varieties of castings, and each casting production process has its own different characteristics, that this time how the process characteristics?
First, is a kind of environmental protection equipment, dimensional shape precise, but also has very good repeatability, the product belongs to the precision casting; compared with the traditional craft simplifies the modelling craft and the sand processing system, and cancels the molding sand preparation department and the waste sand treatment inconvenience phenomenon.
2. Castings without flying edges burr, from falling sand to clean greatly reduces the workload and labor intensity; In the position of the model can be ideal to set up the reasonable shape of the pouring riser, not by the typing of traditional factors, such as the restriction of mold, reduce the internal defects of castings.
The negative pressure pouring in the EPC is beneficial to the filling and shrinkage of liquid metals and the microstructure density of the castings is good. Can be combined pouring, the product is a box of more than 0 pieces, production efficiency is very impressive, structural design has a very good degree of freedom, compared with the traditional casting greatly improve the casting process production rate.

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