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It Has Become An Inevitable Trend For Foundry Industry To Move From Tradition To Intellectualization And Automation.
Qingdao Shengmei Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 09, 2019

It has become an inevitable trend for foundry industry to move from tradition to intellectualization and automation. Only by taking the road of innovation-driven development and promoting the smooth transformation of new and old kinetic energy can we seize the opportunity to make continuous progress on the road of high quality, high efficiency and green environmental protection for foundry enterprises and make the foundry equipment industry really strong.

As a green casting technology, V-process casting is advantageous to improve the environment of foundry factory by popularizing its technology and upgrading its equipment. Many foundry enterprises have set up V-process casting lines, abandoned the old high-polluting process equipment, upgraded to new V-process casting technology, breaking the bottleneck of development.

Shengmei Machinery has been adhering to the green, environmentally friendly, efficient and intelligent casting equipment and advanced design concepts. The V-method fully automatic molding line has been well received by the foundry industry at home and abroad.

At present, the company has designed and manufactured a full automatic V-method moulding line, sodium silicate sand treatment and moulding line for a large foundry in Zhejiang Province. Hubei auto parts large-scale listed enterprises design and manufacture a full automatic V-shaped line for the production of brake hubs, rear axles, front beams and other castings. Dalian Military Industry and Shanghai Automotive Lining Die Leading Enterprises each make a recycling and moulding line of environmental friendly large resin sand. All the above equipments have been installed and received unanimous praise from customers.

Shengmei Machinery successively for India, Kazakhstan, Iran, Vietnam and Indonesia, of which Indonesia's V-shaped line, is competing with Japan's New East, with excellent quality and quality service won customer recognition. Kazakhstan foundry package construction project, lost foam process, including black area, white area, yellow area, sheet forming, foam cutting, shot blasting machine and so on. The project of the lost foam automatic production line for automotive parts in India includes white foam forming, drying and black sand treatment, automatic molding and automatic turning over of boxes. The mode has been installed successfully. A large state-owned foundry enterprise in Mongolia, Shengmei team has solved the technical problems that have plagued customers for five years. According to the customer's situation, it has put forward a plan for the old line transformation and the new line establishment, which has been highly praised by customers.

Domestic enterprises also appreciate Shengmei, such as Beijing Feimeide Xianxian Company, Taizhou Jinhanma, Jiangsu Double Star Casting Steel Wear Resistance, Jiangxi Jinchi, Shandong Energy Qiantai Group, Inner Mongolia East China Heavy Industry, Oriental Hope (Xinjiang), Qingzhou Haozhang and so on. Hunan Feiheng, Hebei Feimede, Zibo Zhongshan lost foam production line three. Gansu Jiuquan Iron and Steel lost foam production line.

They are well received by customers.

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