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Popularization And Application Of Casting Technology For EPC Equipment
Qingdao Shengmei Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2017

Popularization and application of casting technology for EPC equipment:

1, the use of hollow straight runner and add a filter or the use of personnel to strengthen the blocking of steel liquid residue residue.

2, pouring speed, especially in the lifting of the driving, declining instantaneous strive to balance, do not stop, pouring process is always filled with pouring cups, pouring into the tail slowly collecting packets, so that slag, gas and gasification residues have sufficient time to float into the riser.

3, the molten iron ladle must have enough molten iron, otherwise the slag will inevitably pour into the casting, shake pack less than the bottom leakage bag, if the funds allow, the use of automatic pouring machine, which will greatly reduce the formation of artificial pouring defects.

4. Determine the reasonable vacuum degree. The vacuum through high permeability of metal liquid viscosity sand, and caused by the wall effect, not conducive to liquid foam coating adsorption to generate a lot of pores.

Suitable negative pressure is the guarantee of exhaust gas, it is also the measure to prevent and control sticky sand, and establish reasonable negative pressure field in pouring process. So that the pumping volume is greater than the gas volume, fastening dry sand to ensure the geometric size of castings, shortening solidification time, stopping stomatal diffusion, growing up, because after pouring stop, the metal and coated interface of liquid phase Shime decomposition is still in the process, negative pressure as the main control factor of EPC casting.

Many years in the coming year, too many businesses mistakenly believe that by raising negative pressure, the gases in molten steel (especially nitrogen-containing steels) can be discharged. In fact, the negative pressure exhaust can only exhaust the gas in the front of the molten steel to foam clearance, liquid phase material and coating wetting and gasification, and the hydrogen nitrogen in molten steel in the casting process using negative pressure can not be discharged.

5, coating layer and white mold must be thoroughly dry, the type sand must be dry. The coated model is packed with packing, reducing the exposure time in the air to prevent the coating from absorbing tide. In the rainy season and high humidity areas of particular attention, visible moisture and invisible moisture to the EPC has a negative impact, if dry not thoroughly, stomatal, sticky sand, deformation will be reflected in the same batch of castings.

6, mold bonding process, should be used for special hot glue or cold glue, in the case of ensuring the use of sticky, the less the better, the condition of the enterprises recommended to be used mechanical bonding, try to avoid the use of vaporization slow other adhesives.

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