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Related Explanations Of EPC
Qingdao Shengmei Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2017

EPC Castings
EPC cast iron castings Foam in the general situation of the size is very precise, small deformation probability, intrinsic quality and sand casting to compare with very few pores, smooth surface, can achieve a variety of mechanical properties, in ordinary cast iron process is mature. Related recommendations: EPC equipment.
Carbon steel castings, when used in the production of cast steel castings, the casting will occur surface increase carbon, volume increase carbon, local carbon increase, and other different conditions, carbon dioxide mainly occurs in low carbon steel castings.
In the general case of carbon mass fraction between 0.08-0, the carbon steel castings have very large heterogeneity, steel liquid composition of different castings, the same different parts of carbon is different, depending on the shape of the material, the location of the gate, the size of the pouring speed of the carbon steel castings to make the casting machine performance difference, the welding heat treatment to bring quality impact, even casting scrap.

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