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The Prospect Of Domestic EPC Development
Qingdao Shengmei Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2017

EPC process and product look very good, and the size of very precise, low labor intensity and superior operating environment, this one advantage can be applied to the foundry industry in China, especially in recent years, the domestic manufacturers and technicians to update the materials, so that the basic implementation of the process of localization, which makes the industry development particularly fast. Lost Foam Casting Equipment Please choose a good reputation manufacturers.

However, there are some problems in the development of EPC casting.
1. EPC manufacturers are very many, the normal stable production of the few manufacturers.
2. The production scale of EPC Foundry is small.
3. Some manufacturers of EPC casting quality is not very high, casting low yield, process is not very advanced, seriously affect the new process of market competitiveness.

Main reason:
1. Some manufacturers introduce the EPC process is not very scientific, lack of professional knowledge of EPC casting, lack of product technical feasibility and economic rationality of the full demonstration, and analysis of incomplete reporting system.

2. Most manufacturers of EPC process is not meticulous enough, EPC seems simple, but in our actual operation of the process of some links in the continuous increase, we are still using the initial wear-resistant pieces of simple practice to make more complex castings, mold casting system, such as rough, the process is not rigorous. Lost Foam Casting Equipment Please choose a good reputation manufacturers.

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