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  • Vacuum Molding Castings
  • V Process Molding Line

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    V Process Molding Line

    V process molding line fit for big size and simple shape castings, like counter weight, bathtub,concave, jaw plate, wheel,hummer.Read More

  • metal casting LFC sand preparation line

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    metal casting LFC sand preparation line

    In the LFC black area include: 1.shakeout area 2.elevator and conveying system 3.sand cooling 4.sand screen 5.sand feedingRead More

  • Magnesium Casting Equipment

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    Magnesium Casting Equipment

    What is our MAIN EQUIPMENT? Vacuum stablized system: Vacuum pump, Vacuum meter, Surge tank, dust removal tank, steam separator Molding system: Die shoe, Heater, sand molding box , Vibrating table, Manipulator, Die lifter. Sand reclamation system: Sand screen, Elevator,...Read More

  • Vacuum Sand Casting Process

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    Vacuum Sand Casting Process

    vacuum process metal casting line, namely vacuum seal principle is the use of plastic film sealing sand box, the air in the pump type, both inside and outside the mold to form pressure difference and make the dry sand tight, in order to form the cavity. V method different...Read More

  • Counter Weight Vacuum Casting Machine

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    Counter Weight Vacuum Casting Machine

    application field of V-process (1)medium-big castings with some quatity previously casted by chemical binder sand especially ester-hardening water glass sand and resin sand,co2 water glass sand adventage:production,cost,environment, labour strength,quality(2)castings...Read More

  • Vacuum Process Molding Line for Foundry

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    Vacuum Process Molding Line for Foundry

    DVANTAGES OF V-PROCESS CASTING MANUFACTURING: Mold filling rate during pouring process is higher by 25-30% than during greensand mold filling. The mold provides for a minimum pouring temperature for metal due to the high filling rate and heat capacity. The lowest...Read More

  • Lost Foam Casting Machine Vibrating Table

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    Lost Foam Casting Machine Vibrating Table

    Lost foam equipment for white side 1.lost foam sand conditioning 2.three-dimensional vibrating table 3.turn over machine 4.steam foaming machine 5.molding machineRead More

  • Foundry Vacuum Process Molding Machine

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    Foundry Vacuum Process Molding Machine

    vacuum process molding machine V process metal casting machine Vacuum molding (V-process) is a variation of the sand casting process for most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, in which unbonded sand is held in the flask with a vacuum. We can manufacture all kinds of Vacuum...Read More

  • Lost Foam Metal Casting Molding Equipment Manufacture

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    Lost Foam Metal Casting Molding Equipment Manufacture

    LFC casting process is advantageous for that very complex castings would regularly require cores. It is also dimensionally accurate, maintains an excellent surface finish, requires no draft, and has no parting lines so no flash is formed. As compared to investment casting,...Read More

  • Resin Sand Reclamation Equipment

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    Resin Sand Reclamation Equipment

    This continuous sand mixer is divided into fixed type and movable type. Accordign to the rate of sand mixer, it divides into high speed and middle speed.It is equipped with high quality imported pump, owning the dust-removal and smell-removal function . It suites for the...Read More

  • Cylinder Sand Cooling Machine

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    Cylinder Sand Cooling Machine

    cylinder sand cooling machine Product Description Foundry sand cooling machine i s used for the cooling of return sand to the correct temperature before entering the sand mixer. With a continuous feed-back of in-and outlet sand temperature and moisture to the sand cooler...Read More

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