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Vacuum Process Molding

Vacuum Process Molding

Vacuum process is used for producing medium size, simple and precise castings. It can be used in cast iron, cast steel and non-ferrous alloy.

Product Details

Vacuum process molding

A. will pre heat plastic film under negative pressure, suction to the surface of the template, the template, and then spray evenly on the film quick drying coating.

B. put the sandbox with the suction chamber.

C. is filled with no binder, moisture and dry sand from the additives, and slightly vibrate with sand edges to ensure dry sand fills the sand box. Scrape and cover the top of the sand box and vacuum through the sand box wall.

D. turns the box and the mold, because of the effect of atmospheric pressure, the plastic film is evenly attached to the sand type, and the molding sand is in the tight state, and the mold is taken out to reach the sand mold with the hardness of about 90 degrees.

E. type, the negative pressure state of the casting has been maintained until pouring, and after the solidification of the casting is completed.

After the f. is released, the mold collapsing automatically, and the casting can be easily removed from the casting sand.


(1) dry sand molding simplifies sand treatment, and the recovery rate of used sand is more than 95%.

(2) the film is covered on the surface, and the mold is not directly contact with the sand mold. It is easy to start the mold. The mould has little or no inclination, which improves the precision of the size of the casting and reduces the wear of the mold.

(3) pouring under negative pressure, the liquid metal has good fluidity and can be poured out of 2--3mm thin wall castings.

(4) it is not necessary to use vibration shakedown equipment to improve the workshop environment.


The molding operation is complex, and the casting molding productivity is not high. It is necessary to maintain negative pressure on the mold from molding, molding, pouring to casting sand, which will bring some difficulties to mechanized production. In addition, the limitation of elongation and formability of plastic film affects the expansion of application scope of the method.


Application scope

It is used for producing medium size, simple and precise castings. It can be used in cast iron, cast steel and non-ferrous alloy.

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