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Vacuum Process Sand Casting Equipment

Vacuum Process Sand Casting Equipment

Vacuum process casting equipment is well used in large size casting's production. It has great advantage in making counter weight, wear-resistance parts, and so on. The sand is totally dry without any chemical.

Product Details

Vacuum process casting molding equipment


Mold filling rate during pouring process is higher by 25-30% than during greensand mold filling.

The mold provides for a minimum pouring temperature for metal due to the high filling rate and heat capacity.

The lowest production cost of casting, by 25-30% lower, than the castings made with sand molds and by times lower in cost than traditional cold-hardening mixtures casting – 

the best solution for mass-production of castings.

No necessity to prepare the sand mixture – the process is carried out with dry sand.

No waste products, sand mix regeneration system and eco-friendliness.

Possibility to produce thin-walled steel castings.

Long service life and high durability of patterns, no contact between the pattern and the sand (only through film, which excludes the possibility of quick wear).

Minimum raw material consumption.

Considerable decrease in the prerequisites for ‘hot cracking’.

High-temperature castings knock-out capability.

Less cost for thermal treatment of ready castings.

No need for additional/further training of operators. 

Production process:

  1. prepare the mold pattern

  2. heat the EVA film

  3. cover the EVA film on the surface of the mold pattern

  4. put the empty cope/drag box

  5. fill the sand into the box

  6. cover the surface film

  7. vibrating and compact the sand

  8. pin lift the sand mold.

  9. do the same process making the drag

  10. combine and close the sand box.

  11. pouring

Castings made by Vacuum process molding equipment


Project case:

Counter weight producing line


This line has a productiviy : 4-6 mold per hour

It has 4 manipulator.

the sand treatment capacity: 30tons per hour

High maganesium steel casting producing line(inlcude cone crusher, jaw plate, hammer)


Mold paten used in V process molding line

it can be made with wood or aluminum


cone crusher1.jpg

Our project to foreign countries:SEGU7343757-2.jpg

Welcome to buy the vacuum process sand casting equipment with low price from us. We are one of the leading and successful suppliers in China. We also welcome the customized orders. You can reach us at 86-18660248878.
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