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V Process Casting Counterweight

V Process Casting Counterweight

Technical regulations of V process casting

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Technical regulations of V process casting
Plastic film molding: 1.
Choose the appropriate film (thickness, whether there are holes, etc.), and fix the film with the film clamping frame. The film will not sag through the clamping and adsorption force. The film is placed under the heater 300mm.

When the film is heated, it can be seen that there are three stages in the forming process. It
The first stage of forming: when the heating starts, the film expands and contracts and forms many ripples. Such
The second stage of forming: the corrugation vanishes and obtains a mirror like surface. When the film starts to shine, it is the best stage of film mulching. The film should be coated on the mold in 5S. The third stage of forming: further heating of the film, the beginning of a hole, hole began to expand, the film can not be used. Film mulching in the state of vacuum pumping

The edges of the films should be sealed to ensure that there is no air leakage between the membranes. The pressure is 0.03MPa. It
The film must be dropped before the film is cooled. The interval should not exceed 5S.

After the film is coated, it is necessary to check if there is any place where it is damaged and leak.

If the runner, vent and riser cannot be coated at the same time, the adhesive tape should be repaired after the film is finished. It is necessary to open holes on the top of the plastic so that the runner can be connected to the vent and then sealed by the tape. When the plastic belt is closed, use as little as possible the sealing belt is used to reduce the amount of gas emitted.

After the mold is separated, the casing of sprue, vent and riser is removed. Ensure that there is no air leakage at the bottom of runner, vent and riser. It
Remove the film openings around the sprue, vent and riser, and keep the seal between two thin. Remove the excess thin film around the hole
After molding, check the damage status of the film and repair with plastic tape. The film on the mold is covered with a layer of dry sand about 50mm thick to prevent the molten metal from burning the film when pouring.

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