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Vacuum Process Casting Molding Machine

Vacuum Process Casting Molding Machine

V process casting machine is widely used in iron,steel,aluminium casting's production. We have been specialized in V process for 12 years. Having ISO9001 certification. Exported to many countries.

Product Details

Vacuum process casting molding machine


1.Mold filling rate during pouring process is higher by 25-30% than during greensand mold filling.

2.The mold provides for a minimum pouring temperature for metal due to the high filling rate and heat capacity.

3.The lowest production cost of casting, by 25-30% lower, than the castings made with sand molds and by times lower in cost than traditional cold-hardening mixtures casting – the best solution for mass-production of castings.

4.No necessity to prepare the sand mixture – the process is carried out with dry sand.

5.No waste products, sand mix regeneration system is eco-friendly.

6.Possibility to produce thin-walled steel castings.

7.Long service life and high durability of patterns, no contact between the pattern and the sand (only through film, which excludes the possibility of quick wear).

8.Minimum raw material consumption.

9.Considerable decrease in the defect "hot cracking"

10.High-temperature castings knock-out capability.

11.Less cost for thermal treatment of ready castings.

12.Easy operation, no need for additional/further training of operators. 


molding process:

  1. spread and heat EVA film

  2. cover the EVA film on the mold pattern

  3. put drag sand bo

  4. sand feeding

  5. vibrating and compacting

  6. cover the surface film

  7. suction the air in the sand mold

  8. pin lift the sand mold

  9. turnover the sand box(drag)

  10. making the cope sand box accordingly the drag.

  11. assemble the cope and drag

  12. close sand box


keep the vacuum and pouring

Sand preparation process:

  1. knock out

  2. vibrating and conveying and screen

  3. magnetic speparator

  4. elevator

  5. sand cooler

  6. elevator

  7. belt conveyor

  8. sand bin

  9. shower type sand feeder


1.high accuracy—— 

high dementional accuracy and low machining allowance save cost to a great dgree

2.high quality—— 

good surface quality

low coarse improve tired life and assembling accuracy

3.low cost—— request of market competition

dry sand no binders ,sand circulation easily and little waste;

low labour strength lead low labour cost;

low wear  make pattern cost low;

low environmental cost

4.environmental —— request of modern industrial

no harmful gas and wastes;

dust from dry sand and noise from vaccum pump are main pollution factors,but easily controlled

5.low labour strength—— 

molding relaxedly and shaking out easily;


(1)medium-big castings with some quatity previously casted by chemical binder sand especially ester-hardening water glass sand and resin sand,co2 water glass sand

(2)castings with some quatity but still little or dimentional big for high pressure molding line but hand-molding can not offer a good quality.

(3)castings with little even single quatity but have high requests on surface coarse or dementional accuracy or machining;


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