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Vacuum Process Metal Casting Molding Plant

Vacuum Process Metal Casting Molding Plant

Shengmei has been specialized in vacuum process equipment for decad years, now ranked top manufacture China. Vacuum process metal casting equipment is well used in the iron metal, magnesium steel,aluminum casting production. Special for the big and simple structure castings like counter weight, axle, bath hub,petroleum machinery parts,etc.

Product Details

Main equipment in the Vacuum process metal casting equipment plant:

  1. vibrating table

  2. film heater and cover machine

  3. sand box

  4. shower type sand feeder

  5. elevator

  6. conveyor

  7. sand cooler

  8. magnetic separator

  9. sand screen

  10. dust collector

  11. vacuum pump system

  12. electric system

  13. water recycling system for cooling and vacuum 


  1. the dry is totally dry , no need any chemical or water in the sand

  2. sand recovery rate is high, more than 96%

  3. clean , no bad smell

  4. invironment protectbal

Castings made by VACUUM PROCESS

EVA plastic:lm is the key material for V-process. Through decades of research, 

special EVA:lm for V-process has been produced. 

The lm has adequate elongation; its maximum is about 800% in longitudinal direction and 750% in transversal direction. 

The single width of the ? lm is 2.8 m and the double width is 5.6 m, which is the widest sheet ? lm for V-process in China. Sheets with different thickness ranging from the thickest 0.35 mm to the thinnest 0.08 mm can meet different demands in China. 

The lm can be used not only for V-process of iron castings, but also for the manganese steel railway frog, steel rocking support and side frame castings for train and the steel bridge box for engine truck.

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Welcome to buy the vacuum process metal casting molding plant with low price from us. We are one of the leading and successful suppliers in China. We also welcome the customized orders. You can reach us at 86-18660248878.
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